2 May 2013

The princess-experience at Ladurée

Just like any other 6-year-old I used to dress up in pink fluffy garments and pretend to be a princess. Or even: believe to be a princess. My parents are very culture-orientated people so every holiday we would visit several castles or 'vintage villas' where visitors are allowed to admire the architecture and interior. Walking around 'gracefully' (very slowly, lifting your skirt a little and bending your knees so that you bob up and down) I loved to imagine that this was actually my house. The small signs saying 'don't walk on the grass' and 'please do not sit down' were easily fantasized away, and the museum guards could serve just as well as servants.

I'm surely not the only girl who spent her days walking with her nose in the air and her skirt slightly lifted above the ground. Maybe that explains the tremendous succes of Parisian pastry shop and tea salon Ladurée. Entering the pink/mint coloured and deliciously smelling paradise really reminded me of my desire to be a princess. But not a real one of course, I don't fancy cutting ribons, I mean the Disney kind.

Ladurée Champs Elysées was bigger than expected with several rooms in different styles, all filled with a very mixed public. To get the full Ladurée experience I ordered several macarons. I don't know whether the magical environment helped, but they were truly delicious. Must say I was a little sad when the bill was paid (even princesses must pay) and I had to leave my little Versailles.


  1. omg... wow this looks incredible. YUMMMM!!!!


  2. Visiting Laduree was definitely a highlight of my trip to Paris.

    Christie x

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