27 May 2013

Thriftshop atmosphere meets Lunchroom in London

In London I always find myself desperately seeking for a
1. Cheap
2. Cosy
3. Easy to find
4. Not overcrowded (particularly scarce)
place to have lunch. So when I do find a place that meets all requirements mentioned above, I can not help myself but to share this with everyone.

When strolling down South Bank with a group of friends we suddenly walked past this odd-looking building that seemed to be something between a restaurant and a thrift shop. The only thing that was missing was the usual inevitable smell of a grandma's closet. That sort of ruined the cosy thrift shop atmosphere but I guess that only adds to your appetite.
My boxed salad was delicious but I had to constantly remember myself to chew instead of gazing around at the props that aroused so much curiosity. There was an electric train moving on the ceiling, a stack of typewriters was right next to me and little clusters of lightbulbs were beautifully arranged through the room. The fries my friends had were nice too but the fish finger sandwich are not a recommendation, I've heard.

This is starting to look like a review so I'll add a list of grades of important factors to consider when choosing a lunch spot.

Clean toilet 8
People smile as they hand you your coffee 7
Comfortable places to sit 9 (a couch!)
Things to keep you entertained when you are bored with the conversation or an awkward silence 10
Temperature 5.5 (I was a tiny bit cold)
Make sure to visit this unique restaurant the next time you're in the neighbourhood! More info here! It also provides a list of all props that are used here. It's nothing too special, for the really famous props I recommend Planet Hollywood (but don't go there to have actual food).


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  2. I'll remember this when I go back to London this year!! Great post!!

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  5. Such a great decoration in there! Would love to try it once :)

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