31 July 2013

The rocks are alive

Oh, how hard my mum works in our garden every other weekend in our garden. Moss is bullying our lawn, weed is slaughtering our intended plants and in the shade everything refuses to grow. I perpetually have to pull her away when we are on holiday, as she stands drooling over the plants that grow just on the side of the road. What she tries to keep alive with fertiliser and extra irrigation, grows here naturally on the places where I would not want to grow if I were a plant.

When walking through a cute town in the South of France it is an experience on its own to look at the walls and see that the most beautiful plants and animals live there. My house is made of boring and dead bricks, but these walls are alive.

10 July 2013

The splendour of decay

Where I was born there are no unmowed lawns, no overdue maintenance of paintwork and definitely no rotten fences. Neighbours watch each other closely to ensure everyone keeps their home tidy and clean. Everything is well-kept and perfect - perfectly boring. What's the fun in houses that all look the same? How can you see someone lives in a place that looks like an Ikea showroom?

I'm spending a week in the south of France, where imperfection doesn't seem to be feared but embraced. The gardens are unkempt and from cracks in the walls grow various plants. And yet it does not feel like I'm stuck in a landfill site. On the contrary, the surroundings are breathtaking. With these photos I tried to capture the beauty of this imperfection, because sometimes a rusty garage door looks more like an abstract painting.
The beautiful gowns, handbags and shoes that have been perfected by a team of renowned fashion designers take my breath away, but I must say I do enjoy a bit of imperfection from time to time. The autumn/winter collection of Saint Laurent felt very refreshing - I saw outfits that seemed to be designed for real, beautiful but imperfect women.

Apart from taking photographs I spend my days sipping Perrier on terraces watching people, canoeing and exploring little villages. The environment is amazing, but we'll leave for Spain in a bit. Hopefully the surroundings will be as picturesque as here.