6 May 2013

Rags & Treasures

On the docks of Amsterdam, not that far from the citycentre, lies an abandoned shipyard. With its shattered windows and walls covered in graffiti it is not a place where I would normally spend my sunday morning. But there is an occasion which makes it worth for me to leave my bed really early and travel to this seemingly abandoned place. Every month, the biggest flea market of Europe is held here, and suddenly the wharfs seem a beautiful setting. I'm talking about the 'Ijhallen!'

The prices are low, lower lowest, but you have to search thoroughly to find the really good stuff. You spend most of your time digging through rags, old dusty china and mysterious, unidentified objects (which is actually fun too).
I spent the day here with my boyfriend. He found two amazing old suitcases which are going to be used to make a speakerset in (amazing idea I think).

I found myself two little treasures too! This American Apparel skirt, and Palladium shoes. Both for less than 10% of the original price. 

Amsterdam is definitely a recommendation, and if you're in the neighbourhood, make sure to check out the 'Ijhallen'.


  1. I'd love to visit Amsterdam :)
    Thanks for the cute comment on my blog <3



  2. skirt is super!!!:)